Xbox 360 Dance Central ads


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Sep 22, 2011
I was watching Dancing with the Stars earlier and there was an ad for Dance Central on Kinect. If that doesn't boost sales, I don't know what will! Maybe they've advertised on the show before and I just didn't notice, but that's the first Dance Central ad I've seen.
I do not think I have seen the Dance Central commercial, yet. Then again, I do not watch Dancing with the Stars. What was the Dance Central commercial about? I think I recall one ad, a while back, that had Kim Kardashian in it.
I watch Dancing with the Stars and I have not seen the ad. I wonder if I sleep during the commercials! Is it supposed to be like Dancing with the Stars or is it just a dancing game?
I'm not sure Dance Central needs any more publicity. It's one of the best games on kinect so any more advertising and it will become unavailable so fast! I personally love dance central, it's such a great workout and so much fun you don't even realise you're sweating like a pig :p