Dark Strokes


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Mar 8, 2012
Is anyone familiar with the PC game called Dark Strokes? I just saw an ad for it, and at first glance, I thought it was Dark Shadows. It looks like maybe they're trying to imitate it. That was such a cult favorite back in the day. My older cousin was a rabid fan of that show. She got me watching some of the old episodes on Youtube. Do you think there's a similarity between Dark Strokes and Dark Shadows?
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Is it possible that its put out by the same company or has some other random tie to it? I have yet to see the trailer but I tend to miss a good chunk of them when we are skipping through commercials too. Most games I hear about are online only.
I don't think there's any direct connection. But the graphics in the title looks just like the old Dark Shadows. The whole premise plus the similarity in the name makes me think they might be aiming for a comparison. There's a movie with Johnny Depp coming out this year based on Dark Shadows which is creating a lot of buzz. So, maybe they're trying to capitalize on that.
I caught a preview for that movie the other day and it looks pretty nice even though I am not a huge Depp fan. Is this by chance Dark Strokes: Sins of the Fathers or another Dark Strokes game? I see a few other ones too, maybe more than just one place is looking to make a profit here.