DAYZ SERVER: The Community Village – NoMods,Ingame Voice Only,1PP

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    Aug 1, 2021
    Welcome to the Community Village – NoMods,Ingame Voice Only,1PP

    The heart of our server is a community base – a place to trade, meet new companions and fight together for a better world.

    While it’s location changes from time to time and might be kept secret from you until someone trusts you with that information, this unique place is out there somewhere.
    It’s a mission on its own to find it.

    It’s in all of our hands to make it a safe space, defend it against attackers and keep its walls standing – grab a radio or ask other survivors for hints to find it and join us. No matter if you’re a medic, warrior or anything in between – The Community is waiting for you. Can you make it to the community base alive?

    Set up a community base together.
    Secure and defend the location. Protect friendly volunteers and visitors.
    The Community is not a faction, it's the whole servers player enforced "safe" space.
    A concealed home for medics, warriors and everything in between.

    We keep our vanilla world buzzing:
    Instead of using Discord/xbox Party chat etc we only talk ingame, use our radios a lot and don't share meta information outside of the game.

    That way we experience more intense encounters - imagine hiding in a bush, overhearing a group of strangers planning to attack The Community...

    Let's fight against zombies & bandits together in our safe haven - if you can find it.

    Visit our Discord and check the RULES

    --- We are still looking for admins over 21---