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Aug 28, 2012
Below you will find Dead Island cheats. Cheats typically create an advantage beyond normal gameplay, usually to make the game easier.

Dead Island Unlockables/Cheats

New Game + mode
Successfully complete the game to unlock New Game mode+. Select "Next Play" to start a second playthrough with all your previously earned money and inventory items (blueprints, weapons, etc.).

Duplicating items
During any campaign quest in Solo mode, when you reach a checkpoint, drop the item(s) you want to duplicate on the ground (you can drop all the items in your inventory). Then, kill yourself by using Deo-Bombs or Molotov's. When the respawn timer starts to countdown, pause the game, and reload your checkpoint. When you respawn, all your weapons will be back in your inventory, and will also be on the ground where you dropped them. Note: You also will not suffer the cash penalty from dying since you reloaded the checkpoint. This glitch requires an unpatched version of the game.

Easy experience
Go to` Ope's Cave in Act 3, then use the "Duplicating items" trick to copy your most valuable weapon. Sell the weapons to a vendor for a lot of money. Use the money to buy as much Oleander as possible, then fast travel back to Ope's Cave. Give the Oleander to the tribesman that gives you the continuous "Dreamtime" event. For every five Oleander Blossoms, you will get $1 and 1,000 experience points. Repeat this as many times as desired.

Easy money
Get the Hammer and Baseball Bat from the house then fast travel to the Church and sell them for about $400. Return to the Warehouse, and you will find the Hammer and Baseball Bat have respawned. Repeat this as many times as desired. Alternatively, use the "Duplicating items" trick to duplicate as many items as possible then sell them to get money.

Easy Molotov cocktails
After finishing Act 3, enter the hotel, and move down the hallways until you find the lounge with tables and chairs. There are about 10 bottles of alcohol on the bar that you can pick up. These bottles of alcohol will respawn if you exit the hotel and return after a while. Collect as many bottles of alcohol as you can, then find Harland, and trade the bottles of alcohol for Molotov cocktails. A Molotov cocktail kills most zombies instantly in any area. You will get one Molotov cocktail for every three bottles of alcohol. Repeat this as many times as you want.

Easy "Military-Industrial Complex" challenge
During the "Bitter Return" mission, you will find a mounted machine gun on the balcony of City Hall. Go to the machine gun and fire it. Every bullet you fire counts towards the "Military-Industrial Complex" challenge. Keep shooting to easily complete all four levels.

Killing humans
Logan is the best to use for this trick. To kill humans easily, throw modded weapons. However, there are a few requirements. The weapon must be sharp. Blunt weapons only cause a little damage. The military machete is the best in this case. The weapon must have either a Poison or Shock mod as fire will not cause any damage. You need to upgrade the weapon to at least level 3. It is recommended to mod a powerful weapon so it causes more damage on stronger humans. Throw the weapon from a distance, and have plenty of ammunition. If you throw the weapon and hit the target, they should die instantly.

Killing large groups of zombies
When you are faced with large groups of zombies, run to the nearest vehicle, jump on top of it, and crouch on the hood. You will be able hit the zombies, but they won’t be able to attack you. Note: Do not get on the roof of the vehicle, as you will not be able to hit them from there, yet they can sometimes hit you. Use the analog style of fighting to swing your weapon faster and get more decapitations.

Drowning zombies
When you are being chased by zombies, simply run into the water, then kick them so they drown to get easy XP instead of trying to melee them.

Getting kills without dulling your weapon
Killing zombies will make your weapon dull. However, when the weapon is close to breaking, it is not entirely useless. You can throw it at zombies and cause damage without dulling the weapon. If you have a weapon you want to keep, but it is almost used up, keep throwing it at zombies until you get a chance to repair it again.

Hidden provocative pictures
In Act 2, enter the mayor's office in City Hall before zombies attack it. Remove the painting behind the desk on the very back wall in the room. You will find three photos of a semi-nude blonde woman.

Chrome 2 reference
During the "Born To Be Wild" quest, enter the hotel, and speak to Mike Davies. Then, pass the room with the workbench and enter the next room with a computer to reboot. On the wall, to the side of the desk with the fan, you will see a Chrome 2 poster.

League Of Legends reference
Shortly after the Lifeguard Tower (Exodus) is finished, Annie who in a bungalow to the left of the main road will give a quest. She starts by saying "Have you seen my bear?" and asks you to find and return the teddy bear to her. In League Of Legends, there is a champion also named Annie. In that game, Annie's catchphrase is "Have you seen my bear Tibbers?"

Lost reference
At the beginning of the game, do the quest to clear out the Lifeguard Tower. Kill the zombies in the garage then go inside to listen a radio broadcast of an Oceanic Flight in an emergency descent to an island due to engine failure.

Pimp My Ride reference
Do the quest near the end of the Resort level, where you go to the mechanic to turn the big truck into a homemade tank. While speaking to him, just before you have to defend the shop as he goes about his work, he will say that he is going to "Pimp your ride".

Easy "10 Heads Are Better Than 1" achievement
Once you acquire the assault rifle during the second part of the game, jump on a car, wait for the zombies to get close, and then shoot their heads. Keep killing them this way until you unlock the achievement. Even if you get killed in the process, your head count does not reset.

Easy "How Many Days Exactly?" achievement
Disconnect your system from the internet, go to the system settings, and advance the system date by one month. Resume the game while offline to get the "How Many Days Exactly?" achievement.

Easy "Oh, No You Don't" achievement
You can only get the "Oh, No You Don't" achievement with Sam B, once you unlock his Tackle ability. In Chapter 16: "Locked Up", after reaching the checkpoint where you have to "Find another way to the cell block control room", you will have to go around to reach the control room. Open the door to the cell blocks and go down the stairway until you see the Ram. Let him follow you upstairs then go back to the hallway and leave the door open. The Ram will try to ram you down, but he will not be able to get past the door. Take this chance to weaken him until his life is very low. Then, finish him off with the Tackle ability.
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