Dealing with griefers


New Member
Apr 13, 2012
It seems like these days there are more and more bullies on Xbox Live. Every time I want to just relax and play some multiplayer game, there always seems to be that one guy that is just out to ruin it for everybody. Is there a way to avoid these jackasses without the obvious solution of not playing with strangers at all?
They are pretty hard to avoid to be honest. You just have to be lucky enough not to get paired with the unsupervised teenagers which seem to plague Xbox live. You can also just ignore the offending troll and carry on playing without having to hear from him.
You should try joining an online community and playing only with them. I'm currently playing with the people from Giant Bomb and I never have any such problems. Even if we do get the occasional clown we just laugh at him and he tends to go away fast.
I rarely play online because of this but there's nothing much you can do about it. Either you ignore them or you stop playing. I know it's not right but unfortunately this is how some kids are these days.
I absolutely hate playing online with jerks and trolls. Sometimes it can be funny when you're just kinda listening to someone troll, but it always gets annoying. Most games allow you to mute the player in-game. If you cant, you can always do it from there gamercard. And of course there's always blocking communications and reporting the player. I hope this helps you enjoy xbox live more.