delete the old games


New Member
Nov 14, 2011
I have finally gotten around to removing a ton of old PC games from my hard drive this week after my secondary one died. Now I need to replace it and prices are through the roof. At least I have one clean (and working) machine for the time being. Now what should I put on it? Anyone hear anything good about Skyrim?
What games? I always wondered why people did not get rid of the older pc games that they no longer play. I would think that they would slow the computer down (taking up storage). I like puzzle games, so I would put those back on. I know nothing of skyrim.
I pretty much get rid of games once I'm done with them. If I want to play again I will just install the game again later. A lot of them are puzzle games or Sim games. Otherwise my machine is just way too slow, especially now that I just have a laptop.
I have plenty of storage and not that many games but if I don't really like a game I will remove it. Sometimes I do get tired of them too, especially if I have beaten it.
You don't need to worry about losing old games forever if you delete them. Many online sellers like Big Fish will allow you to re-download your purchases if you're ever in the mood to play a particular game again.