Xbox 360 Delta Six Xbox controller too realistic?


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Jun 24, 2012
The D
David Kotkin recently announced the new Delta Six Xbox controller, set to be release sometime next year. This gun / controller sounds like it's going to be amazing:

A built-in accelerometer is used for aiming, while the faux recoil and acting out a reload will put you closer to real combat than an appearance on Stars Earn Stripes. The hardware also features a scattering of pressure sensors -- allowing you, for example, to bring up the sights by meeting cheek with gun body, or if you're feeling lazy, squeezing the side of it instead.

You can read the entire Engadget article here: Delta Six Controller - Engadget article

UK's The Daily Mail reports that the Delta Six controller may be too realistic looking. What are your thoughts? I love how Mr. Kotkin said that the gun/controller isn't for players under 21 years old...How would they ever manage to police that? I wouldn't be surprised if the powers that be end up banning the controller or at minimum, dumbing down the design a bit. I can already see people up at arms because it's too realistic. All it would take would be for one idiot to pull it out while in the presence of the police and, well, I can see the headlines already. Although...The controller does sound pretty sweet!
I think to police who uses the gun/controller there will be some Identification details to be provided by the player during the registration. I also hope that fake details won't be used.