Xbox 360 Delved Too Greedily...


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Dec 13, 2012
Has anyone here been playing LEGO: Lord of the Rings long enough to get the "Delved Too Greedily" achievement? I just bought the game as a Christmas gift for my hubby (Although I have to admit, I think I like it more than he does!) and we were both shocked to discover that you have to collect 10 BILLION studs to get that achievement. Just how long does that take?!
I don't know how long that takes specifically, but I'd be willing to wager it's a long time! You probably have to get most of the way through the game before you get that achievement. On the bright side, such a large achievement suggests that the game will be long and involved. That's my favorite kind of campaign!
From what I've read online about this achievement, the only way to get it is with stud multipliers. You get the multipliers when you complete the fetch quests for the red bricks. Once you have them, you have to turn them "on" in the Pause menu, and after that, your stud count is supposed to multiply and add up much more quickly.
stewieG - How do the fetch quests work? You just have to go and find a red brick, then take it to someone? Are the red bricks hard to find? Are they scattered all over the map?
grimmhammer - I don't think I can post links yet, so I'm quoting the following from a website called "Bone Fish Gamer":

Throughout Middle-earth there are 20 red bricks for you to find an unlock. The in-game map will show you how many red bricks can be found in each part of Middle-earth by hovering over the Map Stone in each location. Every red brick is unlocked by completing a fetch quest for a Mithril item. You cannot find these items, but must craft them at the Blacksmith in Bree. To do this you will first need to find the design itself, then you will need to gather Mithril bricks for the blacksmith to craft the item. The designs are found in the levels and throughout Middle-earth. If you need any help finding them, or need to know how to craft the items, check out our Blacksmith Design Guide. Mithril bricks are unlocked for achieving certain things within the game. You can get them for completing a level in story mode, achieving true adventurer on a level, completing a minikit, completing a fetch quest etc… When you have finished the fetch quest, the red brick will appear next to the person you helped. You must click on it and buy it using studs you have collected, for it to be available for you to use. You can then turn it on in the Extras menu, which you can find by pressing start at any time.

If I'm reading it correctly, you have to collect Mithril bricks, then craft an item from them, and then take them to the person who sent you on the fetch quest. In return for doing all of that, you get a red brick.

After reading all of that, I have to agree with Sam's assertion that it's probably going to take a long time to do all of the quests, craft all of the items, and get all of the red bricks in order to have the multipliers for the stud count.