Xbox 360 Did you upgrade to kinect ?


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Aug 2, 2012
Did you have the xBox before and later made the upgrade to kinect or did you buy it without having to make the upgrade ? A friend asked me to come over and give him a hand, he just bought the upgrade and is anxious to install it, I hope I won't screw it up for him.
I got mine with the kinect included....I got it recently so I said that if I get an xbox, I should get the sensor too. It's pretty easy to install, just pay attention when calibrating it. If you mess it up, it won't respond very good to your moves.
Yeah, I had it for a while and I was really curious about all this fuzz created around the kinect. So I wrote Santa a letter and he got me one for Christmas, last year. What can I say, it's a damn nice thing. :D