Xbox 360 Differences Between Difficulty Levels


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Nov 12, 2012
What are the differences between the difficulty levels in Halo 4? You can choose from easy, normal, heroic, and legendary. I played through the campaign on heroic, but how would the game have been different for me if I had played it on one of the other levels?
I'm not really sure what the differences are, to be honest. I would imagine it's the type of stuff that's pretty standard among all games, like enemies are easier to kill on easier levels and harder to kill on the harder levels.
Having only played on the normal level so far, I can't really tell you what the differences are between the levels. I would say that chipopotamus has it right though. They are probably just easier to play through in general-ie fewer enemies, enemies easier to kill, missions easier to complete.
Brian - I think if you had played the game on an easier level, there would have been less enemies to fight and those enemies would have been easier to kill. I think ammo is also more plentiful on easier levels than Heroic and Legendary.