Original Xbox DirectX Box tie?


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Jan 21, 2012
I am wondering if there is anything specific a true xbox fan would enjoy, back from the days when it was "DirectX Box". I have a friend with a birthday coming up and I want to get him something game related, this seems like the best option since he is a huge xbox/MS fan.
If you're looking for some Xbox classics, you might want to go with Dungeons & Dragons or Batman Begins. There are so many original games that you can play on the 360. I've seen both of the ones I mentioned on lists that fit that category. Lots of the Star Wars games are backward compatible, too.
He used to be a D&D fan but that was many moons ago, I was hoping for anything but that. Batman might be a good choice but he is pretty picky too. I need to find something small that will work since he is not the type to brag about his gaming life, to family or friends.
I prefered when gaming was all about gaming. Now it seems to be all about maps, multiplayer and ranking up online with other players