Disappointing Downloads


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Jan 21, 2012
Are there any recent Arcade games that you were disappointed by after purchase?

For me, it would have to be Apples to Apples. While I found the main game fun, it was incredibly short and impossible for me to get more than 3 achievements in. This is because the rest of the achievements either required playing online (I have a Silver account), or a DLC purchase. Had I known this from the get-go, I would have skipped the buy and just enjoyed the trial.
I don't really play Arcade games, mainly because I find most of them to be really short / not worth the money. Is Apple to Apples like the board game? Oh, by the way, I deleted the other tread as you asked.
There are also some games that seemed fun enough when I played them in the trial, but that I quickly grew bored of after purchase. I think this is another thing that I need to keep in mind during trials if the gameplay hints that it's not varied enough.
The only downloads that have disappointed me recently are those for my phone and it seems like the appl dev's have some great ideas but they are just badly put together. Otherwise so far so good. Now watch right after I say that the next thing I mess with will freak out.
I bought Novadrome because I thought it looked cool. That was a big mistake, it was an unfortunate disappointment. I was hoping for something cool like Twisted Metal, but this one didn't deliver.
I tend to be picky about what I download, so I don't get disappointed that often. I've also gotten where I don't believe much of anything that you see or hear with advertisements. In fact, I'm more likely to be pleasantly surprised at a game than disappointed.
None that I have had to deal with lately but I did get an email from my mother in law this morning about her own gaming issues. It seems some gaming place called Oberon has shut the doors so now she is game-less. I tried to tell her to buy a console or a PC game, she ended up declining the idea so then I sent her over to Google+ games and I have yet to hear back from her (this was about 6 hours ago too). :rolleyes:
Dont Die Dateless Dummy over XBL. Hoping for something better, buut, nope.
I downloaded the Sega Rally Arcade off of the xbox arcade - was a real disappointment. From the looks of it, seemed like a sort of DiRT 2 lite - but was really much more of an arcade game than I expected. Like ones that you get at the cinema - 60 second timer races, not a lot of fun.
I downloaded Don`t Die Dateless Dummy, too, and was highly annoyed with it. I swear I could not last five minutes without choosing the wrong answer!