Xbox 360 Dishonored TV Spot (30 Seconds)


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Jun 24, 2012
Dishonored TV Spot (30 Seconds)
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Sep 26, 2012 by BethesdaSoftworks

- me
I finally saw this ad on the Discovery Channel Monday night. Really great ad, but they barely marketed it. Very few of my gaming friends even know about Dishonored.
I thought the same thing...It's Bethesda, so it most likely will be a great game, but the only times I even heard it mentioned was the three or four TV spots that I saw. Weird.You would think Bethesda would have a better marketing plan in place. It looks awesome. I'm curious to see how it is.
People seem to really love it. I've talked to a few friends on both the PC and in real life who picked it up. They said it's an amazing game with a gripping story. I don't know though, they rarely did any advertising. Suddenly on day one it's all over the Internet. Maybe this was their plan, and perhaps it worked.