Xbox 360 Disney Universe


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Jan 21, 2012
This one surprised me. I wasn't sure what to expect when I heard one aspect of the game was donning Disney character "costumes", but that turned out to be adorable. The levels had a good amount of puzzles and challenge, and the game overall had a good length. I know some felt that the gameplay was repetitious, but I believe there is some beauty in having certain goals that span across all the levels.

Have you or your kids played Disney Universe?
I have heard a little about it but its not one we have but since we can get it for the 360 I am sure it will be on the list before too long. I am amazed how quick kids are to put two and two together in order to find a new way to get games when its not the holidays or their birthday month. :eek:
Nope, we don't own it either but it sure sounds pretty cool. Is it a Kinect game or just a 360 game? I think my kids would enjoy it. I know my kids would love the puzzles - not sure my son would like the costumes though.
I know when I looked on the 360 it was on a few pages under the "Google, Shopping" tag, I caught nothing for the DS though. I am sure we could still get it but honestly I would rather her have it on her game than the main one, she still has tiny hands so the 360 controller is a tad big for her right now.
@France9: You can get it on the PS3 or 360. It's a sit-down game. It got poor reviews on Gamespot, but I never listen to their opinion much. Of course a 36-year-old male reviewer isn't going to like it!