Do you care about leaderboards?


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Sep 22, 2011
I'm kind of competitive, so I tend to see a leaderboard as a challenge. I know some people don't really give a crap about being number one (or even in the top 10), though. Which sort of person are you? Do you care about leaderboards, or do you just want to have fun playing a game and not worry about stats?
Not at all! If I know someone that is playing and on the leaderboard then I try to beat them. I could care less about the people I don't know. I just like to play!
I'm competitive too, so leaderboards are rather important for me. I like to be in the top 10, but even if I fail to do so, it doesn't mean that I don't appreciate the pleasure of the game. I am very happy whenever I succeed to be on the first place or in the top 3.
Leaderboards don't interest me much; I'm not even the type to go hunting for achievements. XD Then again, I tend to be terrible at anything that requires aiming with a controller, so me getting a high score is a miracle. (My aim when playing PC games is pretty good, though.)
I don't pay much attention to leaderboards. Maybe I'm not very competitive or something but I just play. Part of the time I know I'm not good enough to beat those people anyway.
That is one of the things that brings me into multiplayer and makes me turned off to single player games. I love stats. They are a way to measure how good you are at something. The highest I've ever been on a leaderboard was in Battlefield 1943 when I was at number 12, but comparing my stats I had a way higher K/D ratio and way more kills for the amount of time I played than most. It was fun, but of course I didn't keep up that level of play and amount of time put in.
I do not care about leaderboards. When I start getting competitive, I do not enjoy the game as much. I like to just relax,
when it comes to gaming.
I'm competitive to myself and not with other people. I try to beat my previous stats with either a single player or a multiplayer game. I find disappointing when I compete with other people because there is always someone better than me.
I agree with Si that I love stats, though. Even if I couldn't care less about the Leaderboards, I'm always interested in trying to make my stats a little better. Even if it means my aiming goes from "Dreadful" to "Not quite so dreadful"
You're right Ryan, there is always someone better, but it's fun to go up against people that appear to have better stats, because it gives you motivation to kick their butt. I've found that some people with better stats than myself, aren't really better, but that many times they just do stat padding and playing against people that are not very good. It happens in BF1943 all the time.
I don't care about the leaderboards, because I know for most games it's unrealistic to expect that I'll show up in the charts anywhere significant. I do enjoy some friendly family feuding between gamerscores, however.
I'm all about my player stats, so I definitely keep up with the leaderboards. I'm always trying to improve myself and be a better player, so I keep up with my stats as well as the stats of the other people I play with. But, I still try to enjoy the game, even when I'm not at the top of the leaderboard. When I come across a player that's better than I am, I try to learn from them instead of being jealous of them.
Leaderboards? Seriously? Never, I don't even look at them. I remember when I was a kid and I played video games at the arcade, I always wanted to be the #1 name. I don't even look at the leaderboards now.
I like leaderboards if it's a game I'm really good at. There's a sense of pride when you know you can compete with other good players. If I'm not naturally good at something though, then I don't stress over the leaderboard.
For us the competitive side only comes out when the adults have a bet going on and that can happen at just about every weekend get together between family and friends. Last time I was involved I ended up winning what would be 150.00 but instead I opted for a friend to hand wash my car since he lost.
I could care less for rankings. I don't play competitively, I play for fun.
It is sometimes interesting to look at the high scores though.
Nope, not really in my opinion. Leaderboard ranks are just a meaningless rank to be honest. I'd rather just play for fun and build myself higher on the leaderboards than get in a competitive battle for top score. Then again, it might be cool to be ranked in the top levels, but it's not really worth the effort.