Xbox 360 Do you have problems with neighbors ?


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Aug 2, 2012
Ever since I got my Xbox I have had my neighbors come over 2 times to ask me to keep it down. I apologized and thanked them for not calling the cops on me, I was just playing. Did you ever had problems with your neighbors because the volume was to loud or you jumped up and down to much it annoyed them ?
Seriously? Or you're playing with the volume at the max and your tv has some kickass speakers...or your neighbours are exagerating. I'm playing with the volume at 75% but I never had such problems...
I play with my headset on most of the time, so I never had such problems. Still, when I don't use them, I don't set the volume very high...I have an old lady near me and everytime I turn my volume on I can hear her knocking in my wall.
It sounds to me like you live in an apartment. I live in a house and I've never had either neighbor knock on my door and ask me to "turn it down". That's why I could never live in an apartment or duplex!!
That is some funny stuff but I understand the issue is not funny to you. I would think it would be frustrating if anything. Our neighbors are awesome and set off random fireworks (on the weekend nights only) any time of the year, I guess it depends on where you live.
I also live in a house and I never had such problems. I can even turn the music as high as I can...still no problems. They're off to work most of the lucky me. :D
I live in an apartment but never had any problems with my neighbors. The ones on my floor are also pretty young so they aren't bothered by every single noise they hear, I'm lucky like that.