Do you listen to music while gaming?


New Member
Aug 7, 2012
Do you like to listen to some of your favorite music while playing? Or do you prefer to have full concentration on the game and not being distracted by any other sounds?
I don't usually play music when I am playing on Live. Actually, I guess I don't really listen to music much at all when I am playing Xbox period.
I don't usually listen to the stero or anything while I am playing because I like the background noises and music that are featured in the games.
Sometimes I will have something playing on the stereo while I am playing Live, but more often than not I am just listening to the other players on live or the noise of the game.
I'll start music from the Xbox 360 dashboard and play it in the background. I'll usually pick sometime relevant to the game. If I'm playing Battlefield 3, I'll choose rock music.
It depends on which game and who I'm playing with. Generally I don't listen to music through my Xbox at all though. I usually have it playing through some other source.
If I'm playing with my boyfriend in the same room, we usually have music going. If we're at one of the guys' houses, it's usually too loud for much music, talking, yelling, and the game.