Xbox 360 Do you Play Dance Games for the Kinect?


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Oct 11, 2012
The Kinect is perfect for dance games. However, I never played a single dance game in my life. I have two left feet and I just look silly when I try to show my moves. Do you play dance games for the Kinect? Is it really a lot of fun?
I have played a few of the dancing games for the Kinect but a lot of them are hard to follow. I do like the Zumba Fitness Rush but that is more of an exercise video game than a dancing game.
Not regularly I don't. Every once in awhile when a lot of people are over we will whip out Dance Dance Revolution. It's a lot of fun to try to out dance each other.
I don't. I'm not really into those kind of games (with the exception of a favoritism toward DDR). Other than that, I'm too lazy to really deal with the other dance games anyway.
Dance games are so cool. Of course, I only play them when I'm alone. If my girlfriend sees me she'll be nagging me to go dancing more often. I prefer dancing indoors, by myself, it's much more fun.
Does Zumba Fitness Rush count as a dancing game? If so then yes I have played them on the Kinect. I like to do the dancing games but sometimes they are pretty difficult. I am not that coordinated most of the time.
We have a couple of the dancing games and we loooove them. The kids always try to get their friends to come over and play them.