Xbox 360 Do you think another great Banjo & Kazooie game will come out?


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Oct 11, 2012
Now while Nuts & Bolts isn't a bad game, it left tons of people extremely disappointed. Banjo Kazooie & Banjo Tooie have a certain charm that's one of a kind and obviously they have a HUGE following. Do you think it's possible that Rare could get their creative talent back that they once had and make another great Banjo game?

They got a lot of slack and hate because of N&B and I'm sure that made them realize some things but I don't know. If Nintendo had the rights then Retro could probably make a great game like they did with Donkey Kong Country Returns but that'll never happen so I guess it's up to Rare?

I'm not bashing them as a company but I don't think anybody can deny that they went downhill but I hope that turns around sometime and they properly bring back the series.