Xbox 360 Do you think Bill Gates plays games on an Xbox 360?


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Sep 22, 2011
I read an article the other day about Bill Gates, and he said that he has a habit of testing each and every single product that Microsoft makes. He uses a Zune to listen to music, he has a Windows Phone 7 smartphone, a Windows tablet etc.

It got me thinking: do you think Bill Gates is a fan of console games, and can you actually imagine him playing games on a Xbox 360? :confused:
I can see Bill Gates playing Xbox Live, under a secret name. He probably has any new test consoles, we have not even heard of yet. Must be nice to be Bill Gates!
He probably doesn't. Just because one can afford luxuries doesn't necessarily mean they have the time to engage in luxuries. I'm sure he's way too busy to do something like play video games.
I doubt he is playing any games on any console. Maybe he does at parties but I'm thinking he plays a Wii instead of an Xbox. I don't know why I think that either, just a thought.