Xbox 360 Do you use cheats?


New Member
Nov 13, 2012
When playing games on your Xbox, do you use cheats to pass levels? Are you even able to do that?
Some of my friends either brag to much or they're on to something.
I only use cheats when I just want to explore a game or when I am completely stumped. I don't like to use cheats to pass levels because then I feel like I didn't really beat the game. It really takes the fun out of the game if you just punch in a bunch of cheat codes to get to the end.
I don't really use cheats on any game because i'm too lazy to even search it up on the computer or my phone. What's the point of feeling no satisfaction when I can rage over a level, take a week cool down then finish the level of a game?
I just realized that I haven't used cheats in like 8 years :O I've been thinking about it though, I like using them just to mess around and do crazy things. I've never used cheats to take the easy way out, I hate when people do that but oh well.