Do you use your PC mostly for gaming?


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Oct 11, 2012
The PC has many uses. It is a very versatile machine and it could be used for word processing, browsing the net, programming, playing video games, watching movies, and many many more. My NetBook activity could be divided into the following:

  • surfing the web (40%)
  • using ms office (30%)
  • playing video games (20%)
  • watching movies/listening to music (10%)

So, this shows that my PC gaming activity falls behind surfing the web and creating/accessing my documents. What about you?
My PC usage has a much different breakdown than yours. I use it this way:

Work (90%)
Surfing the web (9%)
Watching movies/TV shows (1%)

If I am going to do any gaming I almost always do it on my Xbox, not on my PC. My PC is pretty much used for work only since I work from home. When I am ready to play I need to break away from the PC.
Honestly, even though I can if I wanted, gaming is quite literally the last thing I use my machine for. I use my computer for web browsing, work, tv/movies, and just about everything else. Gaming comes dead last on mine.
Using your Parameters, this would be my Daily Activities Statistics:

Surfing the web (60%)
Using Ms office (30%)
Watching movies/listening to music (8%)
Paying video games (2%)

Don't however rule out the fact that on Saturdays it is Music, Videos and Games only!
My pc is pretty much a catch it'd be pretty hard to graph it I use it for pretty much everything from work, music, movies, and games =I
Surfing the web : 80%
Working : 20%
I used to game on my computer, but now for some reason it got too slow to handle my games... :(