Xbox One Does anyone have a problem with my Gamertag?

Does the gamertag MyKneeGrows82 offend you?

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May 10, 2016
Just curious if the gametag MyKneeGrows82 offends anyone and why? i have been a loyal x-box player for over a decade, and suddenly after thousands of people seeing my gamertag, and not having a problem with it, enforcement changes my gamertag, which by the way does not include any of the things that they say it shouldn't, so am i being singled out as an example? i don't see how showing proudly my race in my gamertag is a problem. Any thoughts on whether or not this should be possible for enforcement to do when the gamertag is in violation of none of the requirements of the enforcement&policies agreement whatsoever.
Your gamertag doesn't offend me, but in this day and age where people get offended by the least little thing, it wouldn't surprise me if some did.

Unfortunately that's the way of the world these days, and those who make the policies can't afford to get any complaints so go over the top with the restrictions.
I agree with pwarbi. Writing your race in your name represents separation of class between your race and other races to some. I think at the current stage in the world, many would be offended. They think, "Why would you write that, would you have a problem with me if I was Caucasian or Asian?"
A gamertag is unique to the individual though so while if something is obviously offensive then you'd expect it to be looked at and maybe complaints being made, on this occasion and with this gamertag, any complaint is without foundation really, and like I said before, it's just merely a case of people being offended for the sake of it.