Xbox 360 Does your console have a name?


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Aug 7, 2012
This just struck my mind, so I named my console Whitney :D (don't ask why). Does your console have a name? Any particular reason for picking that name?
We didn't name our console. That's never occurred to me, nor has it ever occurred to me to name any of my other electronics. Of course, I'm not the kind of person that names my cars, either.
My console doesn't have a name, either. I've never heard of naming your console; why would you do that? If you want to refer to the console, just call it "the Xbox"!
Gamesgalore - Someone might name their console for the same reasons they might be inclined to name their car. Even though you don't have to, by any means, some people just like to name their things. (I didn't name mine, though.)
No, I have never considered naming my console before. We just call it the Xbox. I do know quite a few people who name their cars though.
I don't think that I have ever heard of anyone naming any of their gaming consoles or other electronics before. I know plenty of people that name their instruments and guitars though so I guess it is not that strange.
Black Ark.

I am not religious, but i like the name because it has all of my games there... and it's a black console. The only reason i named it too was to identify it on my router, but i ended up liking the name.
I think I just called it my name lol, I can't remember. That or my name and then Xbox. Didn't want to get creative...just wanted to play!
I'v just name my console 'Box' for short :) pretty wise. The PlayStation is called 'Play', I'm a pretty creative guy.
Haha, awesome question. I've been wanting to to brag about my consoles name for a while now. I named mine after my grandma Betty, I wrote her name on the top in red sharpie, and she cracked up every time she saw it. Great lady.
I named my second console Red Dead Redemption after my first got a RROD.

I'll leave your imagination and the possibly irony of naming a console this up to you. Let's just say that this console is in a better place now.
I named mine "The Normandy" because of course, as it has been stated many times before, Mass Effect has an will always be a favorite game of mine. There is no doubt about that! But before I actually played Mass Effect, it didn’t have a name. I think when the Xbox 720 comes out, I’ll most likely name is the SR-2, after the Normandy 2.
Never thought about that before... our xbox doesn't really have a name. We just call it the xbox :D. It never shows up on the public network, so naming it has never been a priority, but it will be now! Something like Tom, sounds like a good name ;)
Ye, It's a pretty rare name! I named it : xbox 360! Why name the console? Lol, this is funny :D
I have never thought about giving my console a name, but if I had to I think I would call it Jimmy. Jimmy seems like a friendly name to give my Xbox 360(laughs). If I thought my Xbox was a girl, which I know its not, I would probably call it Zenon. I don't know why. I just think my game would be a bad girl because its black and green.
It didn't, until I saw this thread. Even though it red ringed, I am gonna now. RIP Gorb, why Gorb? Because it's a great name.
I will be boring and admit that my console has no name... sorry!
I tend to name most of my stuff. People have called me a weirdo for it, but I can't say I disagree with them - I'm a huge weirdo!
My xbox's name is Chazz, when I got it I always thought xboxes are for the Brogamers that play Madden and Halo and other homo-erotic games, so I went with something equally bro-y.
Some of the other things I've named:
Fender Stratocaster is called Isabella. It has a black gloss finish and a white pickguard - a sexy name for a sexy guitar.
My DS lite is called Marty, after my childhood best friend.