Double CTR game.

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    Mar 11, 2020
    Hi...good morning all.
    Hope some one here can shred some light, please..

    I've been playing Xbox for many yrs, my sister on the other hand is fairly new to any console.
    She as a daughter (12 ye old I think).

    Sister is the parent so she as the choice of things the 12 ye old can do.
    The 12 ye old (IL call her this to keep it simple for my head ) is a family member set up on the same Xbox one.

    I have no friends online, I usually play offline story games or the odd time on cod war zone.
    The sister & the 12 ye old as no friends either.
    So I thought be decent on a Saturday or Sunday for an hour to play online multiplayer player game ( as they live 75mile away).
    So I brought a game from Xbox one live store & sent it as a gift. & got the same game for me.

    The sister is NOT gold.. the 12 ye old IS gold.
    I sent the game & it was redeemed on the sisters account, & not the 12 ye old account with gold.

    We've been trying for ages to play online multiplayer...No, when I see them on the Xbox it says not joinable.

    I checked both accounts on Xbox/Microsoft site & the game is the silver account.

    So last night I brought the game again & this time for the account with gold (the 12 ye old).
    Now the game belongs to both accounts.

    But we still can't play online multiplayer.

    Why do you think this is.?

    All settings are good to go. Parental settings good to go.
    12 ye old is signed in as gold.

    The game is CTR crash team racing nitro fuelled, online multiplayer.

    2games the same identical things on the same Xbox console will / should work, as different accounts own the rights...yes.?
    I'm stumped.
    Any ideas, please.
    Big read (sorry) but now you know whole thing what we have & seen.

    Thanks for any help/ideas.

    Mind yourself with this covid19.