Xbox 360 Dragon Age: Looking forward to a third installment?


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Oct 23, 2012
Dragon Age: Origins, after several delays and setbacks, was finally released and was a quality RPG. I fell in love with the gameplay and the intricate storyline. The detail that went into the character background and history development of Thedas was wonderful. Then Dragon Age II came out, and many people were highly disappointed in the several changes that were made, down to character creation and combat system. The dialogue was even limited and the main character was now given a voice. Despite negative comments, I still bought the game and played it through, finding myself addicted to the storyline and the content. I loved it, maybe not more than the first, but they are hard to compare. I consider them two different games. Now, there is talk of a third Dragon Age, and interviews with developers revealed they are borrowing elements from Skyrim. I disagree, because I think Dragon Age can stand on its own, but I ask what the popular opinion is of another installment.
I am looking forward to the third installment. I don't think the second one did the series and justice. It was rather bland in my opinion.