Xbox 360 Dragon's Dogma Cheats


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Aug 28, 2012
Below you will find Dragon's Dogma cheats. Cheats typically create an advantage beyond normal gameplay, usually to make the game easier.

Dragon’s Dogma Unlockables/Cheats

Easy gold
Find some pawns that can carry heavy loads in the Rift and hire them. Next, go to Cassardis’ Inn and store everything possible there. After that, proceed directly to Iola’s vegetable shop and purchase as many carrots as you and your hired pawns can carry. Go back to the Inn and sleep for three days. (It is recommended you do this in offline mode so you do not have to wait through server dialogue). On the third day, your carrots should be molded. Go and sell the molded carrots to Iola at her shop and you will make good profits. You can repeat this as many times as you want.
Note: If you keep the carrots for more than three days, they will rot and will fetch very little gold.
This glitch requires an unpatched version of the game. You can use the “Clear hard drive cache” code for the Xbox 360 to delete all patches for the game.

Easy loot
Towards the end of the game, go to the Chamber of Fate to the west of the Everfall. Enter the first chamber and move through it until you cause monsters to spawn ahead of you. When this happens, turn back and loot the two chests you passed behind when you entered the chamber. Rush out of the entrance without engaging the monsters. You can turn around and go back into the cave, where the chests and the monsters will respawn. You can repeat this as many times as you like.

Easy rare items
Level your main character as Strider until you acquire the “Master Thief” ability. Next, walk along the road north of Gran Soren and you will come across a random pawn past the bridge. Use the “Master Thief” ability on them and you will steal two items from them. You stand a chance of getting rare items like the Veteran’s Peridot. Run away from the pawn until they disappear from sight and then go back to them and repeat the process again as many times as you like. This method can also be used to steal quest items, like the Sour Ambrosial Meat.

Easy healing
Once you reach Gran Soren, purchase 100 empty flasks and then head north to look for a glowing rock pillar. This is a wellspring, and the water has healing properties. Fill all the flasks with water and have your team carry them. This water will restore more health than any herb or remedy in the game. Furthermore, you can easily refill the flasks when you are running low.

Easy item storage
Normally, whenever you are travelling and you feel overwhelmed, you can find an innkeeper or traveler camp to help unload some of the items. It is also possible to unload the items you don’t need to a support pawn to take them back to camp so that you can continue with a lighter load. You can unload as much equipment as the pawn can carry.

Custom color shop
Once you have delivered the Hydra Head to Gran Soren, you will come upon a pawn dressed up like a monk in the tent where you met your first pawn at the encampment next to Cassardis. You can purchase from the pawn items like custom hair, eyes, brows, skin colors and other items using Rift Crystals.
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