Xbox 360 dropped prices


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Jan 21, 2012
A friend of mine went out last night and said the prices on these dropped so he finally picked one up. I am wondering if it was just a local store and he got lucky or if its going nationwide. Anyone know the current best price for the Kinect?
I saw them on Black Friday for $150 - but nothing that low since. I've been watching, thought I would pick one up for my brothers kids for Christmas. How much did he say he paid for it now?
Like France9 said, I think $150 is about the best price I've seen so far. I wish they would bring it on down to about $100 - then I could afford it! But paying $150 for the Kinect is like buying a whole new console!!
I'd give it another year before the price drops significantly. I think popularity also has a huge factor in the cost lowering; if it starts to gives the Wii a run for its money, we will start to see Wii-like price cuts.
Even 150 is a nice price compared to what I have seen, I am wondering if all the stores are just jacking the prices up since kids are back in school now and its not the holiday time. The closest we saw was something for 110 but I have no idea what console it was, it wasn't Kinect related either, something new/weird.
On Black Friday I believe it was the Xbox with Kinect, not just the Kinect for $150. I should have bought one for my brother then but did not. I have not seen anything even close to that price since then.
The one I am thinking of was a really weird system, it was the first time I walked into a store and had no idea what the console was. I am going to need to ask my spouse about it and hope he remembers, now its bugging me forgetting the name of it.
If you have the patience you can find it on sale, yeah. I'm still looking for better offers since the sticker price is ok, but if I can get it for less why not go for it. it's the same product in the end, I will just be saving a few bucks that I can use for buying 1-2 extra games.