DS games for a 10 year old girl


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Sep 22, 2011
I chose a 10 year old girl from the local Christmas tree this year to buy some gifts for. She said she has a Nintendo DS and would like any game. I don't have a 10 year old girl... any thoughts on this one?
I would say Kirby Canvas Curse, would be a good game, for a ten year old girl. Another game she might like, is Animal Crossing: Wild World. Both games are cute, and I think any girl would like them.
Animal Crossing, would be a great gift idea. Pokemon, Kirby, and Harvest Moon would also be good gift ideas. There are tons of games, if you look in the gaming section, that might be enjoyed, and are marketed to the girl gamer.
Do you know, or can you find out what games the girl already owns? I would hate to buy something she already has. Maybe you can buy a giftcard to Gamestop, or whatever local gamestore you have. Then she could pick herself out a new game. If not, I suggest Cooking Mama, Mario Party DS, and Sonic Rush.
I like the gift card idea but I don't think they want to give these kids gift cards - they want them to be able to open something. Animal crossing sounds fun - we don't own that one. I think I've played Cooking Mama before and it was ok. Thanks everyone!
Personally I'd recommend a $35 gift card to GameStop, so she can pick out her own game. It's hard to beat that for making sure they get a game that's interesting to them!
They have a lot of pet-related DS games it seems, so if she likes animals at all, any of those could be a good bet. There are also a few fashion games.