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Aug 26, 2012
Below you can find the reviews for Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3. If you have any questions that the reviews didn't answer, start a new thread on the forum. Played the game already? Rate it above and tell us why you did or didn’t like it. Better yet, write your own user review!

6.5 out of 10 - Official Xbox Magazine
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It's hardly progressive, but Gundam 3 is the best Dynasty Warriors game in years. We're excited to see where its minor experimenting leads because it works. Finally, we have a Warriors game with some substance.

6.5 out of 10 - Machinima
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Despite some interesting and appreciated attempts at complexity, Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 settles into a comfortable and predictable pattern of robot destruction and digital collecting. It offers nothing profound, but improves incrementally over the last in the series (as the franchise is wont to do). Series regulars already know everything there is to know, and as such probably haven’t bothered to read any reviews. For newcomers – if you enjoy mindless action and endless collecting, you can’t do much better than this.

4 out of 10 - IGN
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For the longtime fans, this is what you like (though even fans should be disappointed at the lack of variety in Gundam 3).
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