EA Active


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Sep 22, 2011
Have you ever played the EA Active game for the Wii? It came out last year sometime. I remember wanting it when I saw it – looked like it would be a good workout. Does anyone own it or have you played it? Did you lose weight? I’m thinking of looking for it for Christmas and stuffing it in my stocking.
I don't have a Wii but my friend have one. He has a Mario & Sonic Winter Olympics and Wii Sports. I love playing them and it sure make me sweat a lot.
I have those games too and the sports ones do make you sweat. I'm asking about the EA Active though, does anyone have this one. I'm thinking the price has probably dropped quite a bit since it's an older game.
I don't have any of the EA Active games, but I do have Wii Sports. I've only played it a few times, though. It's more fun if you can convince your friends to play it with you!
I've got Wii sports too and the winter sports too. It's only 1 game - EA Active... it looks cool. Maybe someone has played it. It's supposed to be a workout game. I do love the sports game too though, tennis is probably my favorite.
I do not have EA Active, but I have been meaning to get one of the exercise games. There are just so many, I am not sure which is the best to buy.
I have not figured that out yet either to be honest. I own many of the exercise games and I really like them all. I did just pick up the EA Active game at Gamestop over the weekend. It was a used game so I'm only out $20 if I don't like it.