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Discussion in 'Xbox One' started by COverton, Aug 8, 2019.

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    Aug 8, 2019
    Hello. So I have an issue. I realize that I got suspended for using inappropriate language. what i did was wrong i shouldn't have used such language in chat i get it. What I dont understand is why the person harassing me got no consequences after I reported them three times and even after I got suspended they continued to mock me in chat. I'm just trying to figure out why something like cyber bullying and harassment is acceptable but when someone gets pushed to the edge and happen to snap and give back what they are getting you instantly ban them. I tried to block them as well but it didn't work and they kept messaging me. I tried to ignore but I got back to back to back messages which makes it hard to ignore. On top of all this they continued to call me trash and laugh at me throughout the entire ordeal. I understand and accept my punishment but I dont feel like the person who caused this situation should get off Scot free to go and pester someone else and cause them to be in the same situation that I am in now. .... honestly what upsets me most is the fact that i reported this person long before this situation became what it is now but nothing happened however when it came to their report action was instant. So is harassment not as bad as language? ... any insight on this matter is appreciated .. Thank you