Error Code 80151911

Discussion in 'Xbox 360' started by Stealth, Aug 10, 2020.

  1. Stealth

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    Aug 10, 2020
    Hey, I'm having some issues signing into Xbox Live on my 360.

    The console, which is a Jasper motherboard, is running awfully slow. When I try to sign in, it prompts me with the error code - 80151911 and tells me there's an issue with my credentials.

    I've updated my passwords and reviewed my security info and tried again but still receiving the same error.

    Console's hard drive isn't corrupted I don't believe as I can play games just fine offline.

    System update - which is currently 2.0.17559.0 - should be installed successfully as that's what is read on my console's System Info. And avatar updates should be installed just fine as I was playing fine earlier this year.

    Any help? Thanks in advance.