Error message: The Kinect Sensor can't move (C0051201) Solutions


The red light of your Kinect sensor indicates that there is something wrong with it.

Are you receiving any one of the following error messages?

  • The Kinect Sensor can't move (C0051201)
  • The Kinect Sensor can't move enough (C005120A)

If so, here are the solutions:

  • First, you have to make sure that your console software is up to date.
  • Turn off your Xbox 360 console and check out the sensor carefully. If you find a piece of packing foam between the base of the sensor and the sensor head, you’ll have to remove the foam.
  • Never tilt the sensor manually. In addition, you need to ensure that there nothing is keeping the sensor from tilting up or down automatically.
  • The sensor must be positioned on a flat, level surface.
  • Now turn on your console to check the sensor.

If the problem still exists, you need to contact Xbox Support.
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