Ever broken anything with a Wiimote?


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Nov 2, 2011
So far in our household, we've been lucky and haven't managed to fling any wiimotes into windows or TVs or at the cat, but I've heard some pretty funny/awful stories of wiimotes slipping out of hands and causing all sorts of havoc.

The thing that always cracks me up is that the Wiimote escapes unscathed, regardless of what it's thrown at.
Nothing has ever been broken in our house due to a flying Wiimote but the Wiimote has suffered some damage. My sister brought over her toddler and let him play with one. She let him take it to the bathroom and it ended up in the toilet. That was on the first day we got it. I'm sure there are some great stories about the remotes going through televisions.
If I remember right, there was a blog about wiimote accidents back when the Wii was first released. I want to say it was called "Wii have a problem", but I don't remember for sure.
Sure have, we broke a ceiling fan and also put a hole in the ceiling! It's gets pretty physical at my house when we play the Wii. I would say boxing is the worse - we throw our arms everywhere!
My friend narrowly missed our television, when the Wiimote went hurdling acroos the room. That was the last time we invited her to play Wii, at our house. She just gets too crazy, while playing Wii games!
I have never broken anything with my Wii remote. I tried to look at that Wii accident website, but it seems to be down. I then went to Youtube, and hilarity ensued. I watched one of the salespeople on the Home Shopping Network, trying to sell the Wii, when it first came out. He was going to show how the Wii remote worked, and had the tennis racket attachment on it. He ended up throwing the racket, busting the television, because he did not have the racket attached properly!
Wow, a hole in the ceiling? That sounds like pretty intense playing. I guess it's a good thing they have those wristbands attached. Otherwise I probably would throw it through the ceiling too, knowing how clumsy I can be.
Come to think of it, I did clobber my brother with it once pretty good, but I didn't actually throw it. He just wandered a bit too close while I was playing, and I didn't hear him come up.
I can not count how many times I have hit someone, while playing the Wii. The remote has not slipped out of my hand, it is just playing to close to your opponent that causes problems in my house. you can start at a distance, but as you start playing and getting into the game, you forget to keep that distance.
I've thrown a controller or two in frustration before, but I've never had any mishaps with the Wiimote. This is amazing news considering we're quite the rebels in our household when it comes to the "safety" devices the Wiimote has tacked on: our controllers are jacket-less, and we abandoned those wrist strap thingies a long time ago.
We broke a ceiling fan like Micci did. You just never know what you are going to hit. You go crazy with games and your hands just move all around. That is all we have broken so far. I'm sure there will be other things.
I'm with gamertag on this one. Everyone in our house has thrown the Xbox 360 controller at least once out of anger over a game, but we've never thrown a Wii remote, whether accidentally or on purpose. Unlike gamertag though, we do still have the jackets on the remotes and the wrist straps attached. ;~)