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    May 21, 2020
    Hi, i need help.
    I dropped my sons Seagate external hard drive. This had his game hours for his games on. Please bear with me, i dont play xbox. So basically when we logged on his xbox he only had 4 games, he said all the other were read from his external drive. He still has the games as these were purchased on line.
    When the external drive is plugged in, the little blue light comes on, but nothing.
    The problem is the xbox wont read the external drive, i've tried the following:
    1: plugging another usb storage device into xbox, yes it reads this ok.
    2: plugging the external hard drive into my pc, nothing, doesn't find it.
    3: bought a new cable, still nothing.

    Really need help, son is autistic an it's bothering him.