Eye Strain From Nintendo DS


New Member
Jul 8, 2012
My niece wants a Nintendo DS for her birthday, but I don't know if we should buy one for her, because I'm concerned about it straining her eyes, given the fact that the screen is so small. I know that my eyes get strained looking at a 15" laptop screen for too long; I can't imagine trying to play a game on a tiny DS screen!

Is this a legitimate concern or not something we should worry about?
I thought this was only with one particular model? I remember reading something about it in a Best Buy when we were thinking about getting one for our cousin. I think for kids it is kind of normal, thinking back to the Game Boy, wasn't that a similar size?
I doubt that you have anything to worry about. Kids play on those small game players all the time, not to mention the iPod touches and the cell phones and such. As long as they don't play on it 24 hours a day, I think they'll be fine. :)