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Aug 28, 2012
Below you will find Fable 3 cheats. Cheats typically create an advantage beyond normal gameplay, usually to make the game easier.

Fable 3 Unlockables/Cheats

Avatar Awards

Successfully complete the tasks indicated below to unlock the corresponding Avatar Awards:

Crown: Become the Ruler of Albion.

Royal Boots: Win the support of the Dwellers.

Royal Shirt: Win the support of the Bowerstone.

Royal Trousers: Win the support of the Swift Brigade.

Easy gold
During the game, after purchasing property, go onto the Road To Rule, and just stay there. You will earn your rent/shop profits every five minutes, and you won’t risk being attacked. This works best when you own shops, as properties will deteriorate over time until you earn nothing, but shop profits do not diminish. Note: It is recommended you use a wired controller to do this trick.

Infinite gold and items
This trick requires two controllers. During the game, while not in the sanctuary, use controller two to join the game using a different profile. Have your main character stand next to the second character, and press LB when "Give" appears to be teleported to the "gift" room. When you enter the "gift" room, you will find a blue coin purse on a pedestal to the right. Hand over all of your current gold to the second character. Then, exit the sanctuary with the main character. Press Start on controller two to teleport him or her to the sanctuary. There is a gift shelf to the left. Walk over to it, and press A to display the second character's gifts. Choose to reject the gifts. Press Start on controller two to leave the sanctuary and be teleported back to your main character. Once you are close to your main character, press Down on controller two to exit the game. After the second character has left the game, press Start on controller two to come back to the game. Since the game did not save after you rejected the gifts, they should all be back on the gift shelf. Repeat this as many times as desired. You can also do this with other items, such as flowers, necklaces, etc.

Easy rare items
Enter the bedroom in Bowerstone Castle, and search the cupboard to the right. You will find various rare items similar to those available in level 4 and 5 dig spots (for example, rare gems, old kingdom tattoos, etc.). This is also the only way to get the Cook's Hat without having to befriend the castle chef.

Tattoo dye
Collect all 30 Auroran flowers to be able to dye your tattoos red, orange, yellow, blue, green, or purple at any time at the temple in Aurora.

Transferring gold and items to new character
To transfer gold and items to a new character, create a second Gamertag, and use a second controller to make a new character appear in your main file (press Start). Then, gift all your gold, weapons, clothes, and any other desired items to the new character. This process may take a while, but it allows you to pass on your leveled-up weapons (except Hero Sword/Hammer/Rifle/Pistol) and all the Legendary weapons you might not have gotten with your new character.

Quick save
To quickly save your game without going to the Sanctuary, press Xbox Guide twice to display the "Game Options" menu. This can also be used to change the in-game settings or simply pause the game without John Cleese talking at you all the time.

Special Gold Key and chest
After becoming the Ruler of Albion, enter the treasure room in the Sanctuary (under the pause menu), and look up to see a Gold Key. You have to make a pile of 5 million gold to help you reach the key. You can start by buying shops early and frequently in order to make good profits. High-priced shops turn higher profits. You can get a 1 million gold from the Sunset House Demon Door as well. You can also use the "Infinite gold and items" glitch. After acquiring the key, you will find a special chest to match this key is at the very bottom of the gold pile. To reach the chest, transfer all your funds to the Albion Treasury. This will take five transactions of 1 million gold each. Then, go back to the Sanctuary, and open the chest to get a Legendary weapon.

Fable reference
During development of the original Fable, there were rumors about removed content involving something called the "Sandgoose". In Fable 2, this was parodied by labeling a Tavern in Oakvale "The Sandgoose". In Fable 3, while dragging an escaped convict back to the guard, he says "I'll make you a deal. You let me go and I'll tell you how to find the legendary Sandgoose."

Fable 2 references
Go under the main bridge in Bowerstone Market to find a Dive Spot. Note: This is the same location for the Gargoyle's Trove in Fable 2. Dive there to find a Royal Left Leg Tattoo. You will also hear the Gargoyle laughter from Fable 2.

Fable: The Lost Chapters reference
You can get a legendary sword called "Avo's Lamentation", which is the sister sword to "Avo's Tear". "Avo's Tear" was the sword you got for completing Fable: The Lost Chapters as an all good character.

Lionhead Studios reference
Swim out into the ocean in the Driftwood area as far as possible. Tilt your camera down to look into the water to find the Lionhead Studios on the ocean floor.

Portal reference
Play the "Hideout" mission in Bowerstone. On your way to capture Nigel Ferret, you will come across a room with a silver key. At the far end of the room, go around the boxes to the other jail cell. Inside the cell is a Hobbe worshiping the Companion Cube from Portal. There is also a cake on the table next to the cell.

Gravestone references

Inspect the various gravestones in the graveyards to find the following references:

Demon Door: A gravestone reads "Andy Gay Crushed by a Demon Door, last words "I swear those things pop up overnight."

Fable: A gravestone reads "Here lies the brother of the notorious Jack, "Fred of Blades."

Florence Nightingale: A gravestone reads "Florence killed by rabid nightingales."

Legend Of Zelda: Walk through a graveyard in Mourningwood, and your dog will lead you to a dig location over a grave. Dig there to get a toy sword. Check the gravestone, and it will read "It's dangerous to go alone, take this". This is the same phrase the old man in the original Legend Of Zelda games said when giving you the first sword.

Scooby-Doo: A gravestone reads "Mark Church" and "I would have gotten away with it too if it hadn't been for that meddling hero".

The Terminator: A gravestone reads "Here lies Arnold, he will not be back".
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