Xbox 360 Fable: The Journey - Telling the Tale


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Jun 24, 2012
The D
This game looks like it has pretty good graphics and all, but I can't say that I'll rush to buy it right at launch. I got bored playing both Fable 2 and Fable 3 due to the fact that they were both so redundant. It seemed like I was just doing the same actions and making the same facial expressions over and over again-So much to the point where I moved on to another game to give myself a break and just never made it back. I'm wondering if this game will keep going with the same type of game play. Thoughts anyone?

I've never played any of the Fable games, so unfortunately I can't speak as to whether it will be significantly different from Fable 2/Fable 3. However, the graphics look great and I like the idea of a large, expansive world. I think you're right not to rush out and buy it the day it comes out. Let the hardcore Fable fans buy it and review it, first. ;)