Xbox 360 Facial Scanning


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Mar 19, 2012
What if the Kinect had superior facial scanning features, that allowed you to be the character in a game? The Kinect has basic scanning abilities, but I think the people behind Kinect could do something better. Does anyone else share this dream of mine? I think Call of Duty starring myself would be great.
That would be a killer feature! I mean who wouldn't want a character that looks like me, lol
well. People that are fat and ugly, and able to play online. as themselves
Facial scanning would be so cool. It would kind of be like those games on the 3DS, where you take a picture of yourself and use it in the game. However, Xbox could do it so much better.
Facial scanning might be pretty funny, when it comes to us girl gamers. Can you imagine some big bulky man with the head of a pretty girl? I would definately buy something like a facial scanner, though, depending on what the price was.
Well, count me out for putting my face online, especially on a game like Call of Duty over Xbox live. That community is pretty horrible as it is, I don't want to give them another reason to grief me about.