Fallout 4 DLC


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Feb 5, 2016
I just got to know about the first 3 Fallout addons and the future for the game as announced by Bethesda. This has been awaited by fans like me for a long time. Automatron, Far Harbor and Wasteland Workshop are the addons and Bethesda has issued a statement thanking all fans.
Fallout is the ultimate game and for anyone who hasn't played Fallout my advice is - go play it now! I paid for the full deluxe game including the season pass because Bethesda does DLC like none does. It is real value for money spent!
Mаinе DLС nееds Stерhеn King rеfеrеnсеs. Wе nееd tо gо tо Jеriсhо's Lоt, thе Undеrlооkеd Hоtеl, mееt а rаidеr whо саlls his sеmi-аutоnоmоus роwеr аrmоr Сhristinе, а blоаtеd glоwing оnе in а sеwеr nаmеd Роundfооlish...
While I'm not saying that Fallout 4 is a bad game, I'm not, its very good,,but I think it needed the DLC because after buying it on the day of release, it was already starting to be a mundane and it needed freshening up.

As you say, I'm just glad it is released by Bethesda as any other software company excluding maybe Rockstar, don't do DLC anywhere near as good as what it should be, especially considering the price we're paying for games these days.
I guess it's all up to personal preference but I put over 300 hours into base Fallout 4 already and am excited for the the new DLC. I downloaded the season pass right before it went up in price so I'm pretty excited to be able to get everything as soon as it comes out.
This is one of the reasons I love Bethesda. Unlike companies such as EA and Ubisoft, their DLC is player focused, not money focused. Its DLC thats worth the money, worth the download and worth every hour you will spend enjoying it. I hope that they can live off the success and praise they get and never turn into the money hungry corporate giant that is Electronic "Arts."
Bethesda seem to understand their gamers more than companies like EA do that's for sure, but at the end of the day, they still have to be able to compete with the big boys and that takes money.

It wouldn't surprise me if Bethesda became a subsidiary of one of the bigger companies in the future, but until that happens we'll just enjoy what they're doing for now.
I think Bethesda already at one time was with another big publisher. Oblivion was published by 2K at least. But now they're under Zenimax, and I think they're striving to become one of the big boys with stuff like Doom and Dishonored.
Yeah, I've heard that some of the official downloadable content will be released by the second month of this spring. Bethesda simply referred to it as a "mod". The official one.
Nuka World is really good, I recommend it to anyone who's interested. Same with Far Harbor and Automatron. The other three are alright (with Vault-Tec Workshop being my favorite) but without the season pass I couldn't recommend them.