Xbox 360 Family Game Night 4 ‐ A Disappointment


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Jan 20, 2012
I loved the first three games in the Hasbro Family Game Night series, so I was excited when I heard there was a fourth coming out. Unfortunately, it appears that they took advantage of their previous success and rushed this one out.

Compared to the other three, the game play in this one is uninspired and tedious. All of the board games are extremely short and lack any real effort or creativity. It's basically playing the same five mini-games over and over again to obtain all of the achievements.

This is all quite sad when you compare the quality of the previous versions. I will think twice before buying the next Family Game Night (if they make another).
I agree; this latest edition was a letdown.

I loved how in the first one, you got a room to decorate and unlocked decor. There were also some pretty bitchin' lookin' trophies to go with your achievements. In FGN4, there is no room to decorate, no unlockables, and the trophies are plain and boring.

The games in versions 1‐3 required more time and were more fun. They were the full-length board games I expected, with creative 'cheevos and quirky alternative ways to play as well. Not so in FGN4.