Xbox 360 Family games?


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Sep 22, 2011
What are some good family games for the Xbox? Besides ones for the Kinect, I mean. Are there even that many available? It's not like Microsoft promotes playing the Xbox as being this big family togetherness thing. :p
Wipeout is a popular family game for the Xbox. I've never watched the show on TV, but I've seen the promos for it. The game seems to be the Xbox version of the TV show. Younger kids might like it. Older kids might like Family Feud or Monopoly Streets.
I've seen some good options available for families on Xbox. Like I mentioned in another thread, Plans vs. Zombies is a good one. There are also the board game ones that Zanyweb mentioned. There are also Lego games, like Star Wars and Indiana Jones.
Thanks for the info! I think the Lego games might be really good. Everyone in my family likes the Indiana Jones movies, so that's probably something we'd enjoy playing.
You should buy Rockband. It is a big hit when I have family over at my place. The kids and the adults like to play it. The microphone is usually held by an adult. They feel it's like karaoke or something so after a few drinks, they really let it go. It's all good family fun for sure.
The Xbox 360 actually has a lot of games that are family-friendly! I recommend: National Geographic Challenge!, any of the LEGO games, Disney Universe, Hasbro Family Game Night editions 1-3, Rio, Monopoly/Monopoly Streets, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, Disney Pixar's UP and Viva Piñata: Party Animals. These are all regular 360 games.
I agree that there are a ton of "family" games for the Xbox. There are numerous sport games. How about any one of the dance games? I play them with the kids and my hubby dances too. We even play a ton of the Disney ones that gamertag stated.
The Hasbro Family Night Game packs sound pretty good. One of the Xbox versions includes Yahtzee Bowling, Scrabble Flash, and Sorry. You can't go wrong with the classic games. Barnes and Noble as well as Amazon carry them for under $30. It beats spending the same amount of money on one night out at the movies.
Sports games can be really fun, such as the Olympics or Fifa, or any sports games you like. playing sports games enhances competition in the group which makes game play more fun and intense. Overall, my family, of all ages, have the most fun playing sports games together out of all the different genres.