Xbox One Far Cry 5 is coming... !


May 19, 2017

You saw the trailers, and now there he is... The villain from the Upcoming Far Cry 5. Seems just another crazy guy, and the setting isn't really the best one.
I'm not sure if I will like this game, but I'll give it a try anyway.
I will be playing it for sure since I loved Far Cry series so far, especially Far Cry 3 - loved the gameplay and story progression.

I don't think the setting is too bad, militant Christians cult - many crazy things could possibly happen, haha. The cover and artwork are done very cleverly, it will raise a lot of controversial discussions and give the game more exposure. I usually really enjoy playing in the natural environments. Can't wait for further reveals.
The extended trailer!

Ok, I'll admit it seems interesting. We'll be able to create our main character and there will be a co-op campaign!
Damn, that trailer looks absolutely amazing. I love these sort of intros. My favorite gameplay environment is actually in nature so this is perfect, just like Far Cry 3 and 4 were.

There's also some fishing in the trailer, maybe we will finally have the option to cast out our rods and catch those fishes! Can't wait till it comes out, hope it doesn't disappoint.

Also, where did you see the character customization?? I don't see it in the trailer.
It's not in the trailer, I read it in an article which I can't find anymore... But it didn't go into details, so we don't know yet how deep customization will be. Maybe will be something really simple, like choose from 5 pre-set hairs and clothes, or maybe a fully detailed editor with various sliders, similar to stuff like The Sims. Who knows!
There are also three short trailers out that present us with the main characters. Nick Rye, Mary May and Pastor Jerome - all three are siblings.

I'm bit upset that the PS4 owners will get free skin pack with their order though. PC and Xbox One users won't. If we will want that we will have to pay extra. Seems unfair :(

Either way, can't wait till February. I want more details on vehicles, animals and different activities. Maybe they will introduce even more than they were in Far Cry 4?