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Sep 22, 2011
I'm an addict! I will play Farkle at all hours of the night. I hate how when you play the real dice game- the points ar enot the same count as they are on facebook. Anyone else play Farkle? Are you addicted?
I wasn't familiar with Farkle, so I looked it up. I can see how you became addicted to it. It looks like that kind of game! Have you played Farkle Frenzy? I think it's sort of a Beat the Clock version of Farkle. You play against others and see who can score the most points the fastest.
Wow, I had forgotten all about this game! I use to play with my ex and my mom in this game often! It was certainly addicting like you said and fun! I don't really play Facebook games anymore though. I'm more of a hardcore gamer. :)
I'm really not a hardcore gamer - I'm more into the active games and the ones that make you think. I love to play both of these types of games though so maybe that makes me hardcore.

I haven't played Farkle Frenzy - is that on Facebook too?