Xbox 360 Favorite Kinect games for kids?


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Oct 8, 2012
I was just wondering what games everyones kids enjoy. Happy Action Theater is one of our favorites. Fruit Ninja is also an obvious favorite for them. We also have the new Star Wars game and it is also one that they enjoy. The seasame street ones didn't go over as well with them, I was a bit surprised by that actually. I like that the local libraries carry games that we can borrow for free with our membership so it limits the "dud" games we buy since we can tell which ones they like and don't like before we invest in them.
So what are your favorite kid friendly games for Kinect? Winter is coming and I need some new ideas to keep them active on the really cold days.
Dance Central and the Kinectimals are great for kids. My sister has them both and they're actually pretty fun. Kinectimals allows you to adopt a pet and you can play with it based on hand actions.
I bet my little girl would like the Kinectimals game and she would probably like the Sesame Street game too. I hadn't even thought of getting her a dance game, but anything that helps her burn off some energy would be great!
My kids like some of the kinect games, but not for very long. Happy action theatre and Star wars seem to keep them interested, but they seem to get frustrated fast. Doing the same motion repeatedly (if the kinect isn't reading their actions) tires them out (which I don't mind), but they don't get much progress in Star Wars. Happy Action Theatre doesn't have requirements, and only keeps going in a level if players do well. I hope the kinect technology improves down the line.
How is the Star Wars Kinect game? Is it fun for someone in their 20's? I was thinking about picking it up, but I'm not entirely sure.
How is the Star Wars Kinect game? Is it fun for someone in their 20's? I was thinking about picking it up, but I'm not entirely sure.

Star wars Kinect is fun, if a little difficult. The kinect translation of body movement is a bit off, and you might get a bit frustrated. To say the least, a 5 year-old will get frustrated FAST. Also - you might break a sweat, so that's not entirely a bad thing. All in all, I would pick it up for $40 or less. I got mine with the Star wars Xbox bundle.
Kinect adventures. Kids love that lol even bigger kids :p I even find it fun
Adventures, I'm 100% positive. My neighbor's daughter got the game a while ago and she is still playing it. I know because I can hear her jump, they live right above my apartment.
By far and away, the best Kinect game for the kids (assuming they're 6 or younger) is that Sesame Street game for it by Double Fine. And the fact that it's been out of a good amount of time means you can probably get it on the cheap by now.