Favorite PS game


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Dec 22, 2011
What's your favorite Playstation game? Personally, I like the Tomb Raiders, the Resident Evils, and the God of War games. I wish they would come out with some new versions of each series on Xbox 360!
I have and always will like Medal of Honor Airborne for PS3, but if you are talking about the original PS, then I can't say... never had it....
I think my favorite game on the Playstation platform is Final Fantasy X, which is actually a PS2 game. It's the best Final Fantasy game I've ever played and probably still the best role-play game I've ever played, even over Skyrim. I wish they would come out with a remake of Final Fantasy X for PS3 and/or Xbox 360, with the only difference being better graphics. :)
Castlevania - I love those God of War games, too. ;)

Amanda - I'm with you about Final Fantasy X; it's definitely the best Final Fantasy!

As for me, my favorite Playstation game, between all 3 Playstation platforms, is the Grand Theft Auto series. Of all the Grand Theft Autos, Vice City is my favorite, but GTA is just about the only series I've come across where I actually like ALL the games in the series, although I'll admit I do like some of them better than others.
Pink_Assassin - I like the Grand Theft Autos, too.

Amanda - Final Fantasy X is a great choice. I think I've played that game 3 times now, lol. It's like it never gets old.
Mine favorite ps games are
Aces of the Air
All Star Boxing
Street Games '97
Air Hockey