Xbox 360 Favorite Zombie Games

Miss X

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Sep 22, 2011
I have been watching a marathon for the show, The Walking Dead. I started thinking about zombie games, and how fun they are. What are your favorite zombie games? Do you know of any new ones coming out soon?
I was watching Walking Dead last night too and they kept advertising some sort of zombie video game. I can't remember what it was caused but it looked really low quality. I like zombies but I think I'll pass on that one. Can you remember what that game was called?
I've played quite a few zombie-themed games on my Xbox 360 in the past year. It's going to take me a while to remember all of them, so I'll just mention the ones that come to mind at the moment: "Blood drive", "Dead rising", "Left 4 Dead" (1 & 2), "Nuclear Wasteland 2030 XBLIG", "Onechanbara", "Resident evil 4", "Zombies vs Plants XBLA", "Zombie Wranglers"...
Zombie Wranglers sounds interesting, I'll have to check into that one. I can not remember the zombie game commercial, was it for Dead Island? I have heard that The Walking Dead is going to be a game, but I think it will only be for computers and handhelds.
When it comes to zombie games, it's really hard to top Left 4 Dead 2. The gameplay is fast-paced and interesting, and the humor in it is spot on.
I really like the Plants vs Zombies game. It's very addictive. My friends play Left 4 Dead and Left for Dead 2 but I'm still deciding if I'm going to try those. I saw the commercial for Dead Island but it wasn't the one I was originally thinking of.
I loved Plants vs Zombies, as well as Dead Island. Dead Rising was good for a while, but now that Dead Island is out, I don't care for it that much anymore.
I found the last Dead Rising, enjoyable. I play Plants vs. Zombies on my PC, but it is not as fun as Zombie Farm, on my Iphone. I could play Zombie Farm all day, but the times for planting aggravates me. I get impatient and go to my Iphone settings to change the time. Some call it cheating, I call it instant gratification! :)
Even though the game is Zombie oriented, I find all farming games a bit repulsive. To me there is nothing fun about them. I would rather take a gun and blow a zombies head off.