Fear Effect for Playstation


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Apr 26, 2012
Another thread on the forum, talking about how long L.A. Noire is, reminded me of a 4-disc game I had once played on the original Playstation. At first, I couldn't remember what it was called, but after rummaging through a Playstation games list on Wikipedia, I found it: Fear Effect. Does anyone else here remember this game?
I remember it! I never beat the game, because it was a rental, but I remember making it to the second disc. I wish they would make more long games like that now. It's hard to find a two-disc game these days, let alone a four-disc game!
I vaguely remember it but I don't remember finishing it at all. It was kinda fun because if it wasn't I wouldn't have bought it for myself. Yeah, it would be nice if they made longer games. The ones I have now I already finished and the only thing I can do to be a bit intrigued is beat up my own scores. But that's not as cool as playing a new game.