Xbox 360 Find an alternate route to the docks


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Dec 16, 2012
Hey everyone, in Far Cry 3, i'm trying to sneak into a privateer area and obtain the uniform. You know doing the Doppelganger mission. Well their is this part that says i should find an alternate route to the docks. Does anyone know where i'm suppose to go at this point?
Okay, this was really dumb. Once it tells you to find an alternate route to the docks, just hug the wall on the left to go behind the two guards. You'll pass a dead woman on the ground back there. Walk a little further and you'll notice that you're now on the lower level, kind of under the two guards that you just slipped past. Check your camera-you'll see two heavies on the right and then a few other baddies on the left. Now, stay to the RIGHT and sneak in between the first two guards that you snuck past already and the two heavies. Don't even worry about the other bad guys on the lower level. Anyways, do this and you'll get there no problem!

I won't give away the rest of the mission, but that should help you a bit!
This mission gave me some trouble as well. Do not try to take down any guards, it is not worth it once you are in the cave. Hug the wall on the left and get around then you will be hugging the wall on the right. Wait until the guards are looking the other way then sneak through while crouched. The rest remained pretty easy because all you had to do was silently take down the recruit on the ship. I hope this was able to help in your process!